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What We Stand For


Peaceful Kingdom Dog Training is all about helping dogs and their people live together in peace.  We use science-based, force-free methods to help people better communicate with their dogs, and to help dogs better understand their people. Whether it be basic/advanced obedience, or behavior modification, PKDT is there to help you accomplish your goals with a smile and a wagging tail. 

Who We Are


Peaceful Kingdom Dog Training is a multi-service, family run business.  We offer pet boarding, day play, private training, and group classes for dogs of any age, medical, and behavioral disposition. We also now offer a virtual consulting service, a convenience we can all appreciate!

 Cassie is PKDT's head dog trainer.  She has years of experience rescuing, and rehabilitating Metro Detroit's dogs, and has dedicated her work to healing and strengthening the human-animal bond.  


What We Offer YOU

Our team has been blessed with the exceptional opportunity of not only having medical experience, but with the ability and resources to work closely with local vets on a case by case basis. If medication is something to become involved in the course of working with you as a client, we are happy to work hand-in-hand with your veterinarian to make sure everything is appropriate for YOUR pet and their specific needs!

Cassie is both a certified veterinarian technician and behaviour consultant, with experience in medical and behaviourial rehabilitation. You don't have to have reservations about the quality of care your pet will be given, as we are always looking to expand our own knowledge of how best to provide quality care to each and every one of our clients. Regardless of your dog's particular needs, we will always go above and beyond to maintain our high standards of care!

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