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Daycare With A Dog Trainer

 Here at PKDT, we're not only striving for excellence as far as our two legged clients are concerned but their four legged companions as well. We aim for our place to be where your dogs are eager to return to! Whether you're boarding for an extended stay, or just interested in daycare, we pride ourselves on what we are capable and more than willing to provide your pet. They will have the option to romp daily on four acres with other dogs (and chickens), or if your dog isn't into cardio - they're more than welcome to relax indoors and take it easy! With our ever growing experience in the pet industry and the medical field, we remain mindful of each client and his/her needs when it comes to terms with what their pet would thrive the best with. 

 Cassie, one of our cofounders, is a licensed veterinary technician and we are more than happy to accommodate those pets with special needs or circumstances. If your pup is older, or simply requires a bit extra TLC - let us know! Don't be afraid to reach out in regards to what you or your veterinarian feel is best for your dog. Frequent potty breaks, incontinence, oral medications, injections, fluids, a dedicated and specialized meal schedule, etc - we're not only qualified to pamper your special friend, but we're more than happy to as well! Our end goal isn't simply to grow a thriving business, it's to grow a successful one that can wholeheartedly pride itself in catering to our clientele.


"I'm interested in boarding/daycare, but my dog isn't the best with others..

 That's no problem! We are happy to accommodate all potential candidates for daycare and boarding, even those who aren't keen on sharing their Air BnB with others! We have a special isolation room complete with all the comforts of home (and more) including pheromone diffusers, calming music, and the lovely option to have their entire stay customized to their specific needs and desires. For those that prefer to only have human companions, the isolation room also happens to be Cassie's favourite reading nook! Your pampered pooch gets to become a bit more worldly with one-on-one reading time. 

In addition to her medical knowledge, Cassie is a certified behaviourial consultant with experience with both behavioural and medical rehabilitation. It's typical to have concerns about your dog going away at day care, but it's another ballgame when your pet has a history or preference all his own that doesn't align with the atmosphere of a typical daycare setting provided. We want your pet's experience to be the best we can provide, even if it means pulling out all the stops!

"I don't feel my dog is ready for daycare, we're having some issues..

 Again, you've come to the right place! In our intake evaluation consult, we're more than happy to address and go over any issues you may be having with your pet, or those you'd like to work on. We don't just offer boarding and daycare, as you know we offer training and classes as well! If you're lacking the time on a busy schedule, we're happy to make your pet's vacation more on the educational side as well. From potty training and basic obedience manners to appropriate socialization, we're more than happy to help you form foundation behaviours so you're not losing progress!

If you need your dog to learn entirely new mannerisms that you simply don't have the time or experience to teach, we're happy to work with you as a team to obtain a better understanding of your unique training goals and help you by working on these with your dog and then teach them to you in a private session! We hope that you feel comfortable enough to confide in us any insecurities, reservations, or concerns you may have. We don't want this to just be a positive experience for your dog, but for you as well!

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