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Our PKDT Family

Short version: Cassie and Jon are amazing! 15/10 recommend. They're my dog's second family. Longer version: I have a one-year-old bernedoodle puppy, Jackson, who has been going to daycare and boarding at Peaceful Kingdom Dog Training since he was about 4 months old. He loooooooooooves it. When we pull up outside, he sprints to the gate and bounces up and down, trying to see over the fence, until Cassie or Jon come to let him in. He comes home happy and the perfect amount of tired--tired enough to sleep at the end of a good long day, but not overtired, which means he's had a chance to rest/chill in between running around in the huge yard with all his puppy friends. They keep an eye on his individual needs and make sure he's having a good time. He's also had some medical problems and has done medical board with Cassie. They've taken excellent care of him, given him meds (including eye drops, which he doesn't love), fed him food that has to be kept refrigerated and weighed each meal, and kept him calm but entertained. I'm always confident he'll be well cared for, even in a cone of shame. :) Jackson is well socialized and friendly, even though he's a COVID puppy, and I'm certain spending time at PKDT helped with that. I always miss him when he's there, but I'm never, ever worried about him being cared for, loved, and happy. Bonus: Cassie is a vet tech at Jackson's vet, so he has a friend in the office. He gets to visit one of his best buddies when he goes to the vet, so he's a fan of going. To summarize: your dog will be in the best of hands here.

                                                                  - Audrey Springer-Wilson

My boy started having behavioral issues after his fourth birthday. He was an intact male at the time and was starting to become very territorial. Cassie gave me the tools to notice his triggers and alleviate the stresses that would make my dog uneasy.

                                                      - Nolan Schacht


We adopted a pup (Lilo) during the lockdown of 2020. She was so sweet, but we were unable to socialize her as much as we would have liked. I started bringing her to Cassie and Peaceful Kingdom right after her 1st bday. Cassie was so lovely! She understand our concerns and recommended Dog Care. Lilo visits once a week and after 3 weeks we were able to introduce her to my sisters 2 dogs and make a trip to a dog park - with no issues!! Lilo will continue to go to Dog Care each week and work on some other puppy issues. But overall- this has been the best thing for her!

                                                      - Katherine Farkas

Cassie seems to be a dog whisperer. I was very impressed with her skills when I first met her at our vets, and then we learned that she welcomes dogs to her yard and home. Our dog has a lot of anxiety and even though we’ve worked hard to train him, it is next to impossible to do any grooming. Past groomers have given up even while using a muzzle. He is a golden doodle and must be groomed to avoid skin infections. It was so bad we were thinking we might have to get rid of him. Today Cassie worked magic and even without a muzzle, managed to give our dog a complete grooming and keep him happy. We are all in disbelief. It was a miracle.

                                                      - Nan Reed Twiss


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